Tim Zeigdel: the author of The depth to delve... deep (Rote Writer), God-Awful (Angst and Anger) and Enantiodromia (Somewhere between Alzheimer's and Amnesia the truth surfaces); kept warm, where he lived and wrote in a cabin nestled in a northern town, north of sixty. Some twenty years ago a light moved him to write his life story... since then Tim has written many works including: the trilogy; A Means to an End (To no avail) Part I If you could change one thing..., Part II Bind Nothing and Part III Closure.

   Other  works include: I've had it (...and then some), Double Dipping (It made cents), The First Flight (A Novella) and Three Tiny Treatises (Poems and Prose). He also has a column called Rote Writer.

   Rote Writer Publishing House is proud to provide a home for Tim and his books and looks forward in providing a place for other authors. For more information please click on contact and leave a message or visit timzeigdel.com







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