Rote Writer Publishing House is proud to provide a home for Tim Zeigdel and his books and looks forward to providing a place for other authors. Authors will be accorded the same space provided for Tim with similar site support in a publishing proposal.

Proposals will present the possibility of having your name and book listed in links like: Google Play , Google Books ; Yale University Library (The depth to delve... deep) ,  Yale University Library (God-Awful) , Yale University Library Enantiodromia) ;  , Whitehorse Library , , Mac's Fireweed , Dalhousie University Killam Library , University of Toronto Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library , The British Library Main CatalogueLibrary and Archives Canada and the Library of Congress Catolog Record where Tim's books are preserved for posterity. 

Authors will have their own website;

Proposals may start from a simple hand bound book for you to show family and friends to your book being on bookshelves, in bookstores and libraries around the world with the World Wide Web.

Professionally printed paperback books and eBooks fit for any device will be included in a proposal.

Rote Writer Publishing House will accept any genre though true life stories written in story form by the author about themselves will be in the forefront for forthcoming books. 

Exceptions for established authors and their genre will be made. 

The Rote Writer Series is a separate template for Tim Zeigdel though a similar one may be proposed for potential authors.

Any thoughts you share here about our books will be considered for a 

Book of Reviews by Rote Writer.

Any stories you share here showing possibilities will be considered for a 

Book of Short Stories by Rote Writer.

Use a Word program to format and file your story then click here to submit.

Feel free to be who you really are in story form.

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